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Draw Inspections

Borrowers or Contractors will request funds from their Lender in order to pay for specific construction components (e.g. framing, roofing, electrical). GMC-CMI Corporation conducts on-site inspections to confirm that this equity is in place before the requested amount is disbursed. Draw inspections are typically conducted on a monthly basis, but can be performed as frequently as requested. GMC-CMI Corporation documents the information obtained during the inspection in a report that reflects the percentage of completion and/or the draw amount earned for the work completed. Our report also includes a narrative description of the project work at the time of inspection and photographs to support those findings. GMC-CMI performs draw inspections on a wide range of construction projects.

At GMC-CMI Corporation, we understand that not every project is the same, and with that in mind we have crafted specific options to customize your report.

Our report spreadsheets can be analyzed in one of three ways:

  • Percentage of work completed (this is our default option)
  • Percentage earned by line item only, with no dollar amount specification
  • Dollar draw recommendation, with your budget funding and disbursement balanced to the penny

Additional Options:

  • Lien Release Review
  • Change Order Tracking
  • Plan and Specification Conformance
  • Permit Tracking
  • Schedule Tracking
  • Stored Material Authenticaion

Please contact us to answer any questions or to order your Draw Inspections today. (206)325-0880 | inspections@gmc-cmi.com