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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes up the principal market for GMC-CMI Corporation?

GMC-CMI Corporation's client base is comprised primarily of construction lenders serving the Northwest. However, GMC-CMI Corporation has served a wide variety of companies and private individuals such as insurance companies, developers, income property investors, private lenders, condominium and property associations, real estate companies, property management companies and property owners.

How much do these services cost?

GMC-CMI Corporation offers exceptional products at competitive market rates. In an effort to provide the most accurate pricing, please contact us for an estimate.

How do I submit a draw request?

The easiest and fastest way is to e-mail us at inspections@gmc-cmi.com or fax to (206) 325-1612, or you can make requests through our website (with a login account).

What information do I need to send to initiate draw inspection services?

To initiate our draw inspection services, send all project information to inspections@gmc-cmi.com. Project information may include: plans, budget, plat map, specifications, contracts, etc.

How do I submit a request for a Constructability Analysis or a Budget Review?

For a Budget Review, please provide an itemized project budget, address and/or parcel number, plans, and description of materials or specifications list, if available.

For Constructability Analysis, please provide the applicable Budget Review information (indicated above) and all other project-related documentation that is available, such as contracts, appraisal and other third-party reports. Additionally, the name and contact information of the contractor must be provided.

Email documentation to reports@gmc-cmi.com. If digital copies are not available, plans can be mailed to 1500 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 122, Seattle, Washington 98109.

For Budget Reviews, GMC-CMI Corporation needs a line item budget, address and/or parcel number, plans, appraisal, and description of materials or specifications list. For Constructability Analysis' GMC-CMI Corporation needs all of the above, and, additionally, the name and contact information of the contractor. If some of this information is not available for submission, please call the office at (206) 325-0880 or email reports@gmc-cmi.com.

What type of inspections do you perform?

GMC-CMI Corporation is capable of providing inspections on single family residences, plat developments, commercial projects, condominiums, apartments, and most every other construction project type.

How do I get my reports once they are completed?

We provide an online report repository where each inspection will be archived along with photographs of the project site. Upon request, we will also are email your report at no additional charge.