About Us

Our Team

George M. Casady, President
George has provided leadership and direction to all facets of the company's development and operations. Prior to starting GMC-CMI in 1986, George was involved in a variety of different construction-related companies. He has extensive experience in architectural design, construction management, construction materials, means and methods, as well as estimating. George prides himself in GMC-CMI and prefers to lead by example by actively participating in the all aspects of the company.

Jennifer M. Fritz, Vice President
Jennifer joined GMC-CMI in 2003, as a construction inspector and technical writer. Since then, she has gained experience and expertise in all aspects of company operations. Jennifer manages financial accounting, billing, and administration. She plays a vital role in the direction of company activities, including long term planning and management. Jennifer holds a degree in architecture from the University of Washington.

Matt Haight, Vice President
Matt joined GMC-CMI in 2015 as the Inspector Coordinator and has since worked his way into a Vice President position. Matt has 20 years' experience in construction management, architectural design, estimating, and project consulting for contractors, for profit and nonprofit developers, and real estate investors. Matt holds a degree in Economics, Certificate in Project Management, and CGB designation by the NAHB. Matt manages the inspection and report production departments at GMC-CMI.

Kim Stroup, Project Coordinator
Kim joined GMC-CMI in 2012 and is the principal coordinator of nearly all project activity, from the receipt of inspection requests, to the final review and delivery of each report. She coordinates inspection activity and is heavily involved in various operations, including quality control. Kim attained a Bachelor of Arts degree at Williams College, and has a penchant for detail.

Conor Schofield, Inspector Coordinator
Conor joined GMC-CMI in 2016 and is actively involved in the training, certification, coordination and supervision of all inspectors. He also facilitates the ongoing education of our inspectors, making sure that they are well versed in an ever-evolving industry. Conor has over 12 years' experience in the construction arena and has extensive experience as a project manager and superintendent in both residential and commercial construction.

Teresa Olson, Administrative Assistant
Teresa joined GMC-CMI in 2016 and is gaining knowledge in all aspects of company operations. She holds a degree in Business Administration and has extensive experience as an administrative/executive assistant.

Regionally-based Construction Inspectors
GMC-CMI Corporation employs construction inspectors throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Hawaii. All inspectors are trained and certified by GMC-CMI Corporation with emphasis placed on maintaining our high standard of professionalism and job-site etiquette.